Sky is limit for young poet who impressed President

Sky is limit for young poet who impressed President

TWELVE-YEAR-OLD Gugulethu Ndlovu, who got a golden handshake from President Emmerson Mnangagwa when she recited a poem about the beauty of Zimbabwe at Lupane State University recently, has defied odds and written 15 poems.

With a grin of success, the Grade 6 pupil from Robert Tredgold Primary School in Bulawayo recalled the day she impressed the Head of State.

“I always saw him on TV and never thought he’d whisper into my ear that I am a bright young girl,” she recounted.

For excelling, she received a kit of school uniforms, stationery and US$100 courtesy of the President.

Interestingly, Gugulethu, who aspires to be a medical doctor, was mocked by many at school since her leg has burns scars. Feeling discouraged, she decided to motivate herself by penning poems. 

“When I was four-years-old, I got burnt and my whole leg has scars from the incident. Everyone mocked me and didn’t want to associate with me. My first poem was a self motivation where I told myself ‘Gugu, you can make it, never let anyone despise you’,” she said.

She presented this poem on self confidence to her teacher who was impressed. The teacher suggested that Gugulethu be included at the school’s events like prize giving ceremonies. Amazed by her talent, her school forwarded her name to be among students who would recite poems at the Lupane State University opening where she met the President. 

This was to be the beginning of more to come as the young mind who has recited poems at many occasions including the Bulawayo Theatre Awards, ZITF official opening and weddings, has a list of bookings she is yet to honour.

“I do it for free and many people book me to perform. It gives me exposure and I know it markets me to big people in the world. I have a dream that one day, my legacy will be celebrated as people did for Oliver Mtukudzi.”

With an eye of an owl that sees beyond the borders of Zimbabwe, the young poet said she wants to be an author.

“I’ve written 15 poems so far with a desire of my young voice to be heard out there,” she said.

The young poet said she will not let her skin colour limit her as she wants to become a renowned poet. 

“I’m black but it doesn’t mean I have a dark mind. This is a colour that the Creator chose for me, but it won’t limit me. I’m writing these poems on Africa and the girl child to show that there’s full potential in my people.”

Her father Mr Sinqobile Ndlovu spoke proudly of her saying she is an amazing kid.

“She’s the best gift ever. She has created a good name for the whole family. Imagine a child coming home with uniforms and everything (gift from President),” he said.

Mr Ndlovu said he is now Gugulethu’s manager and travels with her to every event she is invited to perform.

“She’s on demand. Many people invite her to recite poems at weddings and ceremonies so I accompany her for her safety and to guide her.”

He said her poems impress people because they have a sense of Africanism.

“The way she defends the motherland is so amazing. With this technology era where many kids are into the Western life, she stills sees the value of being African,” Mr Ndlovu said.

He added that they are hoping to buy a laptop for her so that she starts writing and recording her works. The Chronicle

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