Mashiy’endiya Gwajo brings alternative message to Mthwakazi Maskandi…takes music scene by storm

Mashiy’endiya Gwajo brings alternative message to Mthwakazi Maskandi…takes music scene by storm

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JOHANNESBURG – Zimbabwean maskandi musician Mashiy’endiya Gwajo has finally released his scorcher of a debut album, which he believes will set a new trend for a genre now popularly known as Mthwakazi Maskandi.

Gwajo has taken maskandi music by storm

The musician, who released a single last year, believes his new album titled “Konakele” will provide an alternative narrative to the genre, which has now been notorious for being both an outlet of insults and a fighting stage for musicians, resulting in off-the-arena threats and social media wrangling involving both the musicians and their handful of fans.

The fighting has largely been blamed for the stunted growth of the genre, which took off with much haste and public support about seven years ago.  

“I released the album on December 1, 2019 and it has 12 songs in it, all laden with the mature message that maskandi was known for years ago,” said Gwajo.

“My songs carry messages of love, manhood, religion and general life challenges. What you cannot get from my songs though, are insults and obscenities, which degrade a man’s dignity and that of his community. Maskandi has now apparently been known to be a genre of violence, but I did things differently as a man who believes in both his talents and what he is doing. I believe I will get fame from the good message-laden songs that people already love me for, not by grabbing attention by insulting other people.”

Although released just a month ago, Gwajo’s album has already catapulted him to instant stardom, appealing to both the young and old in the various South African places he has visited to perform.

“People love the whole album, but the most popular songs so far have been UMthokozisi, Thathani Induku Zenu and USizi. I worked with various people who include my younger brother Zeezy on the song Sihamba le Highlander, Slowlearner on Sokalami and Lindeni Khoza iMbongikazi on USizi,” added the musician.

Gwajo’s fanbase has continued to grow in leaps and bounds

“On intsruments I worked with iNkosiyamagcokama who played the lead guitar, Celumusa Zuma on bass, Jay Jay Mbuthuma on the keyboard, while Muthiwentombi played the concertina. Godima uMketuli Wonjiniya did the engineering for us.

“I would like to promise my fans and music fans in general that should they continue to support us in this manner – which has shocked many, including myself as a newcomer, I will continue to deliver the best music and performances that will make our nation proud and I will continue to respect them all. I am currently busy promoting both myself and the album at various places and I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has helped me along the way, including those who have welcomed me with open arms.”

Those who want to buy the CD or hire Gwajo for their functions can contact him via details below:


Facebook page:MTHAE Mashiy’endiya Gwajo Mvundla 


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