Jesters reflect on Umahlekisa’s journey

Jesters reflect on Umahlekisa’s journey

Bulawayo-based comedians have described the six-year existence of Bulawayo’s sole comedy club, Umahlekisa, as a journey of growth in artistry.

The comedy club was established by Ntandoyenkosi Van Moyo in 2013, with a mission to grow comedy as a credible entertainment discipline.

The club started off with performances in bars and restaurants, before moving to several other spots dotted around the city.

“The club was formed upon realisation of a need for spaces for comedy as well to create competition among local comedians, and it’s been full of ups and downs.
We have grown in terms of quality of acts and performance spaces. The biggest challenge has been to remain viable under the current economic circumstances, but we have managed to be consistent and find means to survive,” Moyo said.

Over the last six years, the jest master noted, they had introduced various comedy styles to audiences, including pub and township comedy shows. Newsday

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