Father of 25 , Papa Penny.

Father of 25 , Papa Penny.

Pappa Penny Welcomes His Bundle Of Joy “Penny Penny Jnr” – Pappa Penny Penny; the musician and reality star with his wife is thrilled and beaming with joy concerning the arrival of their baby boy, their bundle of joy “Penny Penny Jnr” for finally acquainting earth.

When he was asked by TshisaLIVE about his baby, he mentioned his child is the 25th blessing to arrive. He is now a father to 25 kids yall! That’s major stuff, wow! His child was born on the 24th of March 2019 and this has made Pappa Penny joyous

During his interview, he expressed how proud he was that his child has attributed most of his physical features. “I would give it all for him, he looks like me. But then again all my children look like me.”He added that the little boy will unfortunately not be featured on this season of his reality show.

“Sorry for him, this coming season has skipped him but he’ll be on the next one.”He captured an image of the newly born and shared it on Instagram. How adorable!

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