Chicken Inn celebrity couple lobola tabled

Chicken Inn celebrity couple lobola tabled

THE Chicken Inn couple took their relationship to another level this past Sunday after Makhosana Mguni paid bride price (lobola) for his fiancé Belinda Nyoni.

The couple is now preparing for a white wedding in December.

Last year, the lovers, who are now commonly referred to as the Chicken Inn couple, trended after an image of Makhosana on bended knee asking for Belinda’s hand in marriage at Chicken Inn Drive Thru in Bulawayo went viral on social media. 

Initially, Makhosana was mocked for this gesture but when Chicken Inn endorsed him and his partner, the whole country fell in love with the couple and they became overnight celebrities.

They were flown to Harare courtesy of Chicken Inn where they were made brand ambassadors of the fast food outlet. 

Close sources to the couple said the wedding day has been set for December 26.

“Makhosana fulfilled Belinda’s parents’ wishes in terms of lobola this past weekend. 

“They were happy after the ceremony at West Acre. He (Makhosana) told Belinda’s parents that he would collect his bride and take her to South Africa after the white wedding,” said the source.

Posting pictures of the ceremony and celebrations on their Facebook page – The Chicken Inn Love Story, the couple said everything went well on Sunday. 

“We’d like to announce to you that through the grace and God’s favour, we were able to go through the lobola negotiations on Sunday. Everything went well as we had hoped and prayed for. 

“We give all thanks to God the Almighty who made it all possible,” posted the couple. The Chronicle

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