Allen Ndoda bassist goes solo

Allen Ndoda bassist goes solo

Rhumba maestro Allen Ndoda’s bassist, Alex Godogodo Phond’olubomvu, is set to release a six-track Rumba album , a project meant to revive his music career.

Alex Sibanda is one of the key players of Allen Ndoda’s The Challengers Band, which recently lost drumist James Bond early this year.

Speaking to Music Giya Alex said his new album is a master piece to showcase that he is the king of all bassists in tshova music ,

“I was born a musician and I will die one. It is just a matter of time; I pray that my new album will do well in the market. I faced great depression of losing my workmate James Bond and that led to the delay of releasing my album , but I am happy the album is finally out.

“I m still Allen Ndoda’s bassman and there are more projects coming “

The album that is laden with scintillating fusion of sungura and tshova tshova songs, contains both love and social tracks.

The album is set to be out during the Easter holidays and will be launched in Hillbrow , South Africa.

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